Bicycle Base! ‘It’s game-changing, the best baselayer I’ve used in years.’

Bicycle Base! ‘It’s game-changing, the best baselayer I’ve used in years.’

Cyclists across the UK, Ireland, US, Australia and New Zealand are discovering the huge technical benefits of Zerofit Baselayers, including the Heatrub Move AWTMove LeggingsCold Skin and Ice Weave, providing bikers with world-class options, whatever the weather.
Anthony Walsh, a former professional cyclist who now hosts the Roadman Cycling Podcast, is one of them, and spoke to the performance of the baselayers on a recent episode just before Christmas.

‘They (Zerofit) were founded out in Japan and were really popular in that part of the world. Irish rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll came across them and thought “this is like nothing I’ve ever seen” so he invested into the company. All they do really is baselayers. It’s game-changing, it’s the best baselayer I’ve used in years,’ said the 40-year-old Dubliner whose podcast series has now enjoyed more than four million downloads since its inception.

With changeable weather very much upon us, the Heatrub Move AWT Baselayer has been independently tested and proven to provide twice as much warmth as a standard baselayer at the start of your spin when you’re likely to feel the cold. But then when you begin to build up a sweat, separate innovations help to keep athletes temperature regulated – Adaptable Warmth Technology (AWT) in action.

This innovative design of the Heatrub Move AWT Baselayer - available in Dayglo or Black - also rids sweat from the skin and the hollow polyester design combined with the ‘LABO’ fabric ensures it evaporates off the surface of the garments quickly, so the unpleasant experience of cold sweat on the body never materialises.

These innovations mean that the AWT Baselayer is THE ONLY BASELAYER cyclists will need this winter, putting an end to the tiresome issue of ‘layering up.’ And we’ve also received some glowing testimonials on Trustpilot, too.

For cyclists looking to warmer climes for a holiday, or those eagerly-awaiting the return of the warm, summer months, our Zerofit Cold Skin (£55) and Ice Weave (£55) baselayers are highly-innovative products that have been designed to work in temperatures as high as 40° Celsius.

The Cold Skin has been independently tested and proven to be more than three times colder than a competitor product, while the Ice Weave offers best-in-class levels of sweat management.

'Cycling is certainly a growing area for us and it's been hugely-encouraging to read the very positive comments on Trustpilot relating to the suitability of our products for the sport,' said Michael Morton, Zerofit MD.

Whatever your cycling requirements, Zerofit has a baselayer for you.