Plain Sailing With Zerofit – The World’s Warmest Baselayer®

Plain Sailing With Zerofit – The World’s Warmest Baselayer®

Sailors across the UK and Ireland are preparing for the new season and many of them are choosing Zerofit baselayers for their nautical adventures in 2024.
Staying warm on the water, whether you’re racing or cruising, is something all mariners know the importance of, but adding multiple layers of clothing can restrict your movement. 
However, the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer (£55) and accompanying Heatrub Leggings (£55) have been engineered to remove the need for extra layers, because the material offers five times more warmth than a standard product.


Tested at the iconic Boken Institute in Osaka, the Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer recorded a Heat Retention Rating of 0.78; a standard product would have a rating of between 0.1 to 0.14, while a jumper would typically have a rating of 0.3. The Ultimate performs best in a temperature range of -10° thru 10° Celsius making it an essential piece of kit at the start of the sailing season.
A standard baselayer traps body heat between your skin and the material, so it takes a little time before you feel the benefits. With the Heatrub Ultimate, five separate fabrics, along with a patented knitting process, create instant warmth as soon as you pull it on and the construction of the baselayer means the warmth is retained for the duration of your time on the water. 

Innovative ‘Heat Threads’ positioned on the inside of the garment gently rub against your skin, which creates positive warmth across your body. The Heatrub Ultimate Leggings and Socks (£25) are made from the same material and work in exactly the same way, so you can have top-to-toe warmth with Zerofit. 
And while other brands rely on compression for heat, our unique fabric mix means you don’t need the tightness in order for it to work, making the Ultimate super comfortable too. 

The Ultimate baselayer is perfect for the coldest of sailing conditions, but it is complemented by the Heatrub Move (£40) which offers Adaptable Warmth in milder conditions. 

It’s twice as warm as a standard baselayer but features a 45% polypropylene construction on the inside of the baselayer and a hollow polyester shell that combine to regulate body temperature, so you won’t overheat as you work harder during the day. 

The construction removes sweat from the skin and the innovative design ensures it evaporates off the surface of the baselayer quickly, so that unpleasant feeling of ‘cold sweat’ never materialises. 

The Heatrub Move performs best in temperatures between -5° Celsius thru 12° Celsius and we also offer matching Heatrub Move Leggings (£45) that provide the same performance benefits as the baselayer.
Be warm on the water with Zerofit – The World’s
Warmest Baselayer®