'Zerofit's Ultimate baselayer is a real cold weather warrior that will keep you warm in the winter mountains when temperatures really start to plummet.'

Live For The Outdoors

'If the temperature is low enough to warrant it, the Heatrub Ultimate is the warmest baselayer you can get.'

Trail Magazine

'Over the years, I've worn and tested many different types of thermal vests, baselayer t-shirts and the like. Nothing is as good as Zerofit though. It's comfy to wear even next to the skin, it washes time and times again without fault and it's fabulously warm.'

Angling Times

'It (The Heatrub Move) is billed as twice as warm as its nearest competitor, but crucially it's adaptable warmth: it responds to your activity, being toasty when you're paused and regulating the heat effectively when you're moving strenuously.'

Country Walking Magazine

The Ultimate baselayer felt cosy after a minute of putting it on. The mix of fabrics instantly heat up your body - you certainly warm up much faster compared to a traditional baselayer.'

Australian Motorcyclist Magazine

The Ultimate baselayers (top and leggings) will be accompanying us on winter grayling days and early spring salmon trips when hours of standing in freezing waters are required.'

Trout & Salmon Magazine

'From our experience, the Heatrub Ultimate is the warmest baselayer we've ever worn.'

Today's Golfer Magazine

You can and will wear it (Ultimate baselayer) off the course, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors in the colder months. It's suitable for golf, fishing or just winter walks.'

Golf Monthly Magazine

'For downhill skiers, outdoor photographers, fishermen or more static use, the Ultimate could be ideal.'

Wilderness Magazine, New Zealand

'(The Move is) A simply wonderful baselayer, exceedingly warm, non-sweaty and easily comfortable all day.'

Ride Magazine