‘The Cold Skin is simply fantastic for fishing’ – Martin Hodgkinson, World Championship Winner, Shark Snarer and Catfish Catcher

‘The Cold Skin is simply fantastic for fishing’ – Martin Hodgkinson, World Championship Winner, Shark Snarer and Catfish Catcher

He’s caught a 1,000lb Sawfish, landed a 400lb Bull Shark and won a World Championship for England, and now expert fisherman Martin Hodgkinson has given his seal of approval to the suitability of the Zerofit Cold Skin Baselayer for anglers who fish in warmer temperatures in the UK or abroad. 
‘I’ve used the Cold Skin in some really hot conditions throughout the summer, including in Thailand where I caught a record amount of Arapaima, Giant Siamese Carp and Redtail Catfish, but also in Italy and Spain where we were fishing for Giant Catfish and Sturgeon.
‘When you’re in that heat, it’s hard work with a big fish because you could be playing it for an hour and a half, so it’s exhausting, adds Martin.

Martin was first introduced to the Zerofit brand when he got hold of the Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer in the winter of 2022, and was instantly impressed that the claims stacked up.
‘When I bought them, I noticed the difference with Zerofit straight away as soon as I’d put them on. I’ve worn lots of other company’s clothing through the years, and they’re all alright, but the difference with Zerofit was the warmth and the comfort. The Ultimate is perfect for when I go to watch football too, down at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. It’s cold, the wind whips around the stadium because the four ends at the ground are not blocked in, so the wind comes belting in and there’s no escape,’ he says.

But it was the performance of the Cold Skin this summer that equally impressed him.
‘The temperature regularly went over 100° Fahrenheit (38° Celsius), but the Cold Skin not only starts cool but it also keeps you cold, even in those conditions. And the material got rid of the sweat quickly, too.’
‘The Cold Skin is simply fantastic for fishing – I’ve tried lots of different baselayer companies, but Zerofit are the best and I’ve recommended them to lots of friends in the fishing industry,’ says Martin.

The new Cold Skin Baselayer (£55) that has been independently tested and proven to be three times colder than a standard competitor product and has been designed for the height of the stiflingly hot summer months in our Japanese homeland.
The Cold Skin Baselayer offers anglers instant cool, dry comfort in temperatures of up to 40° Celsius, as Martin discovered on his recent trips.
Integral to this breakthrough development in the baselayer market is ‘Cold-to-Touch’ (CTT) Technology, a new innovation for 2023/24. Cold from the moment it touches your skin, the baselayer technology utilises innovative fibres that are engineered to absorb heat and spread it over the body surface.

This quickly delivers an efficient cooling feeling which can help boost concentration in the hottest of conditions. The thin and lightweight fabric disperses sweat rapidly creating a quick dry feeling without stress on the skin or causing a restriction of movement.
Protection from the sun’s harmful rays has also been factored into the Cold Skin, with the garment having a maximum UPF50+ rating, and it is available in both black and white. It also uses Polygiene StayFresh™ silver ion antibacterial treatment which suppresses 99% of odour-causing bacteria and additionally helps to eliminate sweat odour.