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Designed in Japan, made for the outdoor world, Zerofit baselayers offer best-in-class innovations and technologies to keep you active outside throughout the year, whatever the weather. From the award winning Heatrub Ultimate and Heatrub Move baselayers for the colder winter months, through to the Ice Weave and Cold Skin baselayers in the heat of the summer, our products are changing the game for hikers, runners, anglers, bikers, golfers, motorcyclists, sailors, gardeners, scuba divers, birdwatchers, dog walkers and more.

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Designed in Japan, made for the outdoor world










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Staying warm on the bike in the winter and cool in the summer is no easy feat, but Zerofit has the answer with products like the Heatrub Ultimate baselayer which is independently tested and proven to be five times warmer than a standard model. This additional warmth aids concentration and focus, helping to keep motorcyclists safe in temperatures as low as -10° Celsius. As of November 2023, we are delighted to welcome Bennetts British Superbikes Runner-Up Glenn Irwin on board as an ambassador to promote, train and race in our award-winning collection of products. And then there's the Ice Weave and Cold Skin baselayers which keep you cool and dry in the warmest of conditions. We also honoured to be a member of the Motorcycle Industry Association, providing baselayers to thousands of bikers in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. We are also proud to be the Official Baselayer Provider to the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB), a voluntary workforce who provide vital support to the emergency services.


Zerofit founder Mr Koji Higashi created Zerofit because his passion and love of golf was not matched by products on the market that were supposed to keep golfers warm. The result? The most comprehensive collection of unisex baselayers to keep golfers out on the parkland, links and heathland courses all year long. The Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate baselayer won two Editor's Choice Awards 2022 in industry-leading publications Today's Golfer and Golf Monthly. Today's Golfer once again recognised it as the leading baselayer on the market in their 2023 Awards, the only product of its type to win an Editor's Choice gong, seeing off the challenge of products from some of the most established and storied brands in the history of the sport.

Shop for Hiking

A good baselayer is the foundation to a great day's hiking, whether it be in the Mournes or on Mt. Fuji. Our extensive baselayer collection gives you products for all conditions, whether it be unbeatable heating with the Heatrub Ultimate or adaptable warmth with the Heatrub Move baselayer, selected by Country Walking Magazine in their Gear of the Year Awards. Both products benefit from incredible innovations which mean the requirement to 'layer up' with bulky additional clothing is simply not necessary. Our in-demand Heatrub Ultimate leggings and socks mean your lower half is as warm as the top - a total game-changer for hikers. Plus, we've got super cool cold products to keep your temperature down in the summer heat too, including the Cold Skin and Ice Weave baselayers.


Feeling the cold while fishing affects concentration, performance and enjoyment of this great sport. That's why Zerofit products are designed to keep you by the riverbank or lakeside, on the sea or in the water for longer, and we are delighted to be an official partner of the sport's governing body, The Angling Trust, working together with them on content creation and helping anglers fish their favourite waters even in the coldest of conditions. Our award winning Heatrub Ultimate baselayer and Leggings have proven hugely popular, but we've also got toasty warm socks and lots, lots more. In 2022/23, we were proud to be named the headline sponsor of The Angling Trust's iconic SilverFish competition.


Staying warm on the water, whether you’re racing or cruising, is something we all know the importance of. But adding multiple layers of clothing can restrict your movement, so having a best-in-class baselayer is crucial to a successful day’s sailing. Our award-winning products keep you centrally heated this sailing season, including the Heatrub Ultimate baselayer, which is five times warmer than a standard garment. The Heatrub Move offers the perfect combination of adaptable warmth and moisture wicking properties, so as the race pace ignites and you work harder, the innovations remove cold sweat from the skin and evaporate it off the outer part of the baselayer. We are thrilled to support one of Ireland's premier race teams 'Final Call', skippered by John Minnis.


Zerofit baselayers have won hearts and minds with thousands of people in the equine community due to their versatility and unbeatable warmth. Whether you're up at the stables early in the bleak winter mornings, doing much-needed yard work or indeed riding out, our extensive range of products will keep you warm and comfortable throughout.


Whether you're training for a marathon, or you've just embarked on your first Couch to 5K, our extensive collection of running products will have you covered 365 days of the year. The versatile Heatrub Move is your perfect autumn and winter baselayer, keeping you warm in temperatures as low as -5° Celsius. The Move was rated as 'Best in Test' by the team at Women's Running magazine in their Winter Essentials Guide for 2021. We also make a number of baselayers to keep you cool and dry during the warmer months, including the new Ice Weave baselayer that reacts to lower your body temperature for optimal performance when you're training or competiting at pace and intensity.

Shop for Everyday

Not only do we produce baselayers and accessories for specific sports and activities, but we also make everyday a Zerofit day. Whether you're watching your children play sport on a windswept recreation ground, cheering on your favourite sports team in an icy cold stadium or just taking Ruby the Boxer dog out on her daily walks in the depths of the dark winter months, our baselayers will keep you from feeling the chilly conditions. And with the rising cost of fuel and energy prices, many customers are telling us they are using Zerofit baselayers and our Performance Move Hoodie around the home too. We supply our baselayers to a number of BT Sport and Sky Sports TV anchors and analysts, allowing them to concentrate better on the match at hand and not have to worry about the chilly conditions.

Shop for Rugby

With former Leinster, Ireland and British & Irish Lions captain Brian O'Driscoll a shareholder in our business, you won't be surprised to learn that our products are highly suitable for rugby, as well as other team sports such as football, hockey, cricket and netball. Our Heatrub Move baselayer is the ideal product for rugby players during the autumn, winter and spring months, offering 'no cold sweat' technology, keeping athletes temperature-regulated all game long. And for those watching on, the Heatrub Ultimate is five times warmer than a standard baselayer - as Willie John McBride, captain of the unbeaten British and Irish Lions in 1974, can attest to. For summer team sports where players need a baselayer to keep them cool in the heat of competition, Zerofit offers a mriad of options including the iconic Ice Weave that works in temperatures as high as 40° Celsius.

The Zerofit Story

Zerofit was founded by Mr Koji Higashi in Japan in 2005 and the brand was launched in the UK and Europe in 2018 before further expansion into North America in 2020 and Australasia in 2021.

A passionate golfer and fitness enthusiast, Mr Higashi was unable to continue to do the sports he loved when the weather turned extremely cold, because he felt there was a significant lack of suitable clothing options to keep participants warm and their body temperature regulated.

The award-winning Heatrub Ultimate baselayer was unveiled to the Japanese public in 2011 and since then hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts have discovered the benefits of that best-in-class product which has been engineered to offer unbeatable warmth and protection from the elements in temperatures as low as -10° Celsius. Many products have been added to the extensive Zerofit collection over the years, including Heatrub Ultimate Leggings and Ultimate Socks, offering Top-to-Toe heating solutions for motorcyclists, golfers, anglers, hikers, sailors and gardeners.

For more active sports such as running, rugby, football, hockey and netball, the Heatrub Move baselayer, offers the combination of Adaptable Warmth with moisture wicking and temperature regulation. And for those taking part in sport in the warmest months of the year, our Summer Collection features a number of products designed to keep you cool in temperatures of up to 40° Celsius.

In 2023, former Leinster, Ireland and British & Irish Lions rugby captain became a shareholder after being highly-impressed by the quality of the entire collection.

Whatever your sport or activity, we hope Zerofit will become your baselayer brand of choice.