Zerofit Renews Partnership With The Angling Trust, Keeping Fishermen Warmer Than Ever This Winter!

Zerofit Renews Partnership With The Angling Trust, Keeping Fishermen Warmer Than Ever This Winter!
Zerofit – The World’s Warmest Baselayer® - is is delighted to renew its partnership with The Angling Trust, the national governing body for the sport in England, and further cementing our commitment to keeping anglers warm all year long.

Since entering the market in 2021, tens of thousands of fishermen all over the world have discovered the best-in-class baselayer products, including the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer (£55) Heatrub Ultimate Leggings (£55) and Heatrub Ultimate Socks (£25), which are all made from the same award-winning material. 
Just last month, our US team based near San Diego visited the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle and introduced the entire Zerofit Fishing Collection to a vast commercial fishing audience. And because the Heatrub Ultimate is five times warmer than a regular baselayer, even fishermen working in the toughest conditions at sea can feel the significant benefits of wearing a Zerofit.

‘We have an outstanding relationship with The Angling Trust, and we are thrilled to renew the partnership. Our baselayers are simply perfect for fishing, even on the coldest of days, and we’ve seen a hugely positive reaction since first teaming up with the organisation back in March 2022,’ said Michael Morton, Zerofit MD.
‘The feedback we consistently get from anglers of all types is simply fantastic.
The Ultimate products don’t rely on compression to generate heat – instead, the special Heat Thread material actually generates warmth as soon as anglers pull the products on, so they don’t have to wait to heat up. And crucially, the heat is retained for the duration of the day’s fishing, so it really is a game changer,’ added Mr Morton. 

Zerofit baselayers have taken the fishing media by storm, including the Heatrub Move Baselayer which is now available in a classic Navy to match the Heatrub Ultimate equivalent.
''Over the years I’ve worn and tested many different types of thermal vests, baselayer t-shirts and the like. Nothing is as good as Zerofit, though. It’s comfy to wear even next to the skin, it washes time and time again without fault and it’s fabulously warm.’
Angling Times
‘The layers certainly kept us warm. The Move is more than adequate for most fishing situations. Ultimate baselayers (top and leggings) will be accompanying us on winter grayling days and early spring salmon trips when hours of standing in freezing water are required.’
Trout & Salmon
'These base layers are warm, and between the two available weights, you’ll have a solid foundation for a cool- to cold-weather clothing system. At the right temperature range, they wear well as stand-alone garments, and they look sharp. The mock neck is a good addition for added warmth around your neck, and the not-too-tight fit allows freedom of movement.’

Buy the angler in your life Zerofit this Christmas – they’ll be warmer than ever before while enjoying their favourite hobby.