‘Zerofit is what sailing has been crying out for’ – John Minnis, Skipper of 'Final Call'

‘Zerofit is what sailing has been crying out for’ – John Minnis, Skipper of 'Final Call'

Athletes and competitors – whatever the sport – like to test themselves at the highest level they can. Ulster’s John Minnis is no different, and that’s why after a stellar season of success, Northern Ireland’s leading property agent has invested in a new boat to compete amongst the very best in the RC35 class for 2022. 

His Beneteau 31.7 ‘Final Call’ team won everything in sight between May and October, including the Scottish Championship and Causeway Cup at the start of the season and then triumphed in the One Design Irish National Championship. They won the coveted Best Performing IRC Boat in Northern Ireland and Royal Ulster Yacht Club also recognised them as the best representative boat away from home.

However, with a talented and experienced crew that includes the likes of helm Gareth Flannigan, as well as Mickey Ferguson, Philly Jackson and Jeremy Tomlinson, Minnis was determined to take a step up when the new campaign gets underway next May.

‘We don’t want to just trophy hunt which is why we want to mix it up with the big boys next season. We have a fantastic crew, and we will be competitive. I’d be disappointed if we weren’t in the mix for the top spots,’ says Minnis.

‘We have invested heavily in a new boat, an A35 which is a real top end racing yacht, in order to compete in what is the RC35 Class. It has all of the bells and whistles for racing, but very little in the name of comfort, it’s really stripped out.  It’s the top end of racing, this is the ultimate competition for us,’ he adds.

Zerofit provides award-winning baselayers to the ‘Final Call’ crew, and the benefits of the products have not been lost on Minnis, a lifelong sailor who has always suffered from the cold at sea.

‘The product is A1 and actually what sailing has been crying out for. With the racing we do, the Zerofit provides quite literally the Ultimate baselayer, it really is the ultimate. I get particularly cold, and always have done, and while the oil skins are very technical and waterproof, there’s no lining to them. So, you need to wear baselayers. The first rule of sailing, whether it be racing or cruising, is don’t let yourself get cold because once you get cold you can’t get heated up again. And that’s why Zerofit is perfect, it’s like having central heating.

‘The Zerofit product is a game changer in my opinion. And when you spin it out through the crew which is now 12 in total, they all say the same, they love it. They have been sailing for years, they’ve tried a lot of products, but the secret with Zerofit is it’s a warm skin – it’s absolutely fantastic,’ says Minnis.

Sailing is just one of many outdoor activities that Zerofit baselayers are ideal for, with anglers, walkers, hikers, bikers, skiers and snowboarders all benefiting from our flagship products.

The Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer and accompanying Heatrub Ultimate Leggings are perfect for people who want to continue to be active this winter. The baselayer is five times warmer than a standard model and uses ‘Heat Threads’ to generate instant warmth. Both products offer unrivalled comfort and are priced at £55 each.

The Zerofit Heatrub Move Baselayer (£40) is perfect for winter running or for higher intensity sports such as rugby union, rugby league, soccer, GAA and American Football. It is twice as warm as a regular baselayer, and also offers temperature regulation so as athletes work harder for longer, they don’t overheat.

With the ‘Final Call’ team well and truly in the off-season, Minnis is looking ahead to the new campaign and everyone at Zerofit wishes the crew well for the 2022 season which starts in May.