Zerofit Expands Product Offering with New Tour-proven Inspiral Golf Glove - NOW AVAILABLE!

Zerofit Expands Product Offering with New Tour-proven Inspiral Golf Glove - NOW AVAILABLE!

After selling more than 900,000 Inspiral Golf Gloves in our Japanese homeland, Zerofit is delighted to announce the arrival of this Tour-proven innovation to the European market, available ONLY from

The unveiling of the Inspiral Golf Glove marks the first market-specific product line expansion with further launches planned for running, fishing and motorcycling later in 2023.

Trusted by elite professional male and female golfers across the various global Tours, the Inspiral Golf Glove has been designed by utilising a unique fabric that absorbs moisture, but crucially without any loss of grip, making it the perfect all-weather golf glove in both hot, sweaty conditions or damp, rainy days on the course.

The technology allows golfers to keep complete control of the club, no matter how much water or moisture that comes into contact with the glove and from April 27th golfers in Europe are now able to experience this game-changing innovation for themselves this golf season.

Engineers also manufactured the glove to be thinner in order to give golfers greater feel for those all-important pitches, chips and flop shots near the green, as well as complete control from the sand and also on the putting green.

And not only is the material on the palm of the Inspiral Glove non-slip, but it is also extremely durable for even the most committed of competitive players.

‘The golf market was the first one we entered in Europe and North America with the award-winning Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer back in 2020, and since then we have experienced incredible growth in the sport,’ said Michael Morton, Zerofit Managing Director.

‘The golf glove category is incredibly competitive but as is the baselayer market and we have certainly given golfers a superior alternative with the Heatrub Ultimate which has just won a Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice Award for the second year running, so we are hopeful players will apply the same trust when they buy their next golf glove and give the Inspiral a go.

‘To sell nearly a million of these gloves in Japan illustrates the quality of the product and the demand for it, but to have it worn on Tours by some of the best players in the game also illustrates the elite performance nature of the Inspiral,’ he added.

Customers can buy the Inspiral Golf Glove for £12.50 (plus £5.99 for shipping), however Zerofit also offers the product in a 3-pack for £30 which removes the shipping costs. All orders of £30 or more benefit from free shipping.

The Inspiral glove is available in white, left-hand only (i.e for right-handed golfers and in sizes small, medium, medium-large, large and extra-large.