FEET TREATS! Heatrub Ultimate Socks RE-STOCKED in Standard and Knee Length!

FEET TREATS! Heatrub Ultimate Socks RE-STOCKED in Standard and Knee Length!

We like to think the quality of our Demand Planning Department matches the quality of Zerofit products, but once in a while we’re caught out by the sheer clamour for certain products - thankfully, the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Socks are NOW BACK IN STOCK in both Standard and Knee Length options.

Designed and manufactured exclusively in micro factories in Japan, the Standard Length Heatrub Ultimate Socks and the Knee Length Heatrub Ultimate Socks (£25 per pair) deliver unbeatable warmth for motorcyclists, anglers, gardeners, skiers, sailors and hikers. 

Because the socks are made in these naturally smaller factories, it allows for quality control to be at its absolute best, giving consumers complete peace of mind when purchasing them. Here's Zerofit founder Mr Koji Higashi and European Ops Director Caroline Irwin inspecting the latest off the production line,

Both sock options have been engineered using the same Heat Threads that exist in the award-winning Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate baselayer (£55) which has been independently tested and proven to be five times warmer than a standard baselayer. These fibres on the inside of the garment generate warmth instantly and offer an incredibly cosy and snug sensation.

The Standard Length Heatrub Ultimate Socks having proved incredibly popular amongst outdoors adventurers since we launched them in 2021, but they’re also a brilliant option to wear at home – the Nano Pods on the sole dramatically reduce the risk of slipping if you’ve got hard or wooden floors, too.

While the Knee Length Heatrub Ultimate Socks - which were launched last winter - were created to be easier to slip into motorcycling, skiing and Wellington Boots, they’ve also been favoured by anglers looking for additional warmth by the bank, lakeside or even in the water under waders. 

The Heatrub Ultimate Socks,  Heatrub Ultimate BaselayerHeatrub Ultimate Leggings (£55) and Heatrub Ultimate Neckwarmer (£25) and Thermal Bobble Hat (£20) work in tandem to achieve the Zerofit Head-To-Toe Heating System, meaning no part of the body is left exposed to the elements.

Get a treat for your feet with the Standard Length Heatrub Ultimate Socks or Knee Length Heatrub Ultimate Socks in sizes 4-7, 7-11 or 11-14!