Capturing Instant Warmth And Dramatic Landscapes In Iceland

Capturing Instant Warmth And Dramatic Landscapes In Iceland

As photography locations go, Iceland might be just about the perfect spot to verify the suitability of our Zerofit baselayers and last month that is exactly what landscape photographer Phil Corley did along with a few other hardy photographers, descending on Reykjavik and working their way along the stunning coast to the remote fishing town of Hofn in southeast Iceland.

But at a time when travelling is difficult to say the least, why did the former IT Programme Manager head north?

‘It’s just very different and anything that is different excites and ignites your creativity, if you’ve not been I would highly recommend it. Along the south coast you find black-sand beaches, jagged sea stacks, powerful waterfalls, volcanoes and several glaciers. Great opportunities for photography,’ says Phil, a regular visitor to Iceland as well as other incredible locations including the Lofoten Islands in Norway. 

‘The great thing with Iceland is you can be there in two and a half hours by plane and you’re then in a totally different world. It’s so young, the geology, the mountains are sharp-edged, they’ve not been eroded away, and you’ve got volcanoes and glaciers, it’s a stunning landscape to photograph,’ he adds.

Phil was sure to take a number of Zerofit baselayers and accessories in his backpack to keep him warm in the sub-zero temperatures, including the award-winning Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate baselayer (£55) and the Thermal Bobble Hat(£20).

‘That hat didn’t come off my head and I just lived in the baselayers, they were brilliant. I’m quite tall at 6’3” and found them a particularly good fit, whereas with others I’ve used previously I ended up with gaps around my middle because they just weren’t long enough. On these shoots, you’re often standing still just waiting for the right light, you can be out all day, before sunrise and until after sunset, so it’s cold, very cold, and that is why I ended up living in the Ultimate,’ says the Cheshire-based photographer who has further developed his passion – or in his words, obsession – for photography since retiring.

‘I remember using my Dad’s camera when I was young, and then for my 18th birthday I was given my own camera and then I converted a downstairs room into a dark-room (to develop my photographs). I suppose there are more important things to do in your 20s and 30s than photography, but I got back into it when the digital era came along and being a computer nerd by trade, my digital and photography interests just came together. I had a holiday home in Snowdonia which provided a great opportunity to rekindle my passion for landscape photography,’ says Phil, whose incredible work and impressive portfolio you can view at

Here at Zerofit we produce award-winning baselayers and accessories for all manner of outdoor activities, including angling, hiking, skiing, golf and equestrian sports – and as Phil suggests, for photography too.