Baselayer Sizing

Here at Zerofit, our team of designers and product innovators are passionately committed to creating best-in-class, game-changing baselayers to use throughout the year.

One of our guiding principles when it comes to product development is to create garments that are both highly functional and supremely comfortable. Our baselayers are designed to be loved, even by those who have been previously been put off by a restrictive product that didn't perform as advertised.

Our baselayers do not all conform to one size chart that can be blanket applied to the entire range. For instance, our best-selling product is the award-winning Heatrub Ultimate. If you were between sizes in the Heatrub Ultimate, we would suggest you select one size larger than your normal t-shirt or polo shirt. Another way of choosing the correct size for first time customers who are unsure on sizing, select the baselayer that will fit the largest part of your upper body comfortably, for example your chest or stomach. If you don't want the product to be skin tight on this particular area, go for a larger size.

Zerofit baselayers and our Performance Move Hoodie are unisex products because the materials we use are designed to stretch and adapt to a wide variety of body types, and the construction allows the material to flex to where it needs to most.

Also, we assess the requirements of each individual outdoor activity and build our size curve based on this. So, for those who love to run or hike and get the heart rate moving, the Heatrub Move - second only to the Ultimate in terms of sales - is the perfect option. However, unlike the Ultimate, we would suggest if you were between two sizes, to shop the slightly smaller one.

If you require any more information, our customer services team is on hand to offer any further advice. They can be reached on email at or by telephone at +44 2896 013757.