Zerofit On Tour! We Need Your Adventure Stories!

Zerofit On Tour! We Need Your Adventure Stories!

As the rain and wind batter Zerofit HQ, it’s clear that winter is now firmly behind us (!) here in the Northern Hemisphere, and now is your chance to show us just where your Zerofit products have been used to good effect this cold season…and you could win a Heatrub Move Baselayer worth £40 in our new ‘Picture Story of the Month’ competition, too!

Whether it be in the mountains, on the road, in the hills, on the sea, at a golf course or bird watching, dog walking and even sitting in a frozen football or rugby stadium, products such as the Heatrub Ultimate (£55), Heatrub Move (£40), Performance Move Hoodie (£50), Thermal Bobble Hat (£20) or Heatrub Ultimate Socks (£25) will have kept you toasty warm this cold season.

And after the most success year in Zerofit Europe’s history, we reckon there might be a good few amazing stories and photos of your adventures when Zerofit was the order of the day. One lucky winner will receive a Heatrub Move for not only a great picture, but a nice story to accompany it!

When Zerofit designers created the current collection at the Innovation Hub in our native Japan, they did so with the brief that the products must be fit for several activities that an outdoor enthusiast might partake in.

So, the Move – which has been designed to be twice as warm as a standard baselayer – is ideal for guys or girls fishing in temperatures as low as -5°C, but it’s also brilliantly effective for a runner who wants that no cold sweat feeling during a 5 or 10k run.

The Ultimate has been engineered for the coldest of conditions, down to -12°C. And it doesn’t matter what the activity is, the ‘Heat Threads’ on the inside of the garment provide instant warmth to keep you outside enjoying your passion for longer. In fact, you’ll be five times warmer than if you were wearing a regular baselayer!

If you’ve got a great picture of your Zerofit in action this winter, please send it to along with a lovely short story about the trip or activity and we’ll pick a winner on May 31 and announce it on June 1, highlighting your story and picture to your fellow Zerofit Crew!