Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Leggings Now Back In Stock!

Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Leggings Now Back In Stock!

For all you bikers and hikers, sailors, skiers, birdwatchers, anglers, photographers and golfers, we are delighted to let you know that the unisex Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Leggings are now back in stock in all sizes!

Consistently one of our hottest – quite literally – products this winter, the Zerofit community and early adopters have been quick to ensure their lower body is as warm as the top, and the Ultimate Leggings (£55) have flown off the shelves in the past 12 months, helped by reviews like this.

‘You’ll struggle to find a warmer and more comfortable set of thermal leggings than the Heatrub Ultimate from Zerofit.’
Improve Your Coarse Fishing Magazine

We have been inundated with requests and emails regarding when the Ultimate Leggings would be back in stock, and today’s the day!

Manufactured in the same way as the award-winning Heatrub Ultimate baselayer (£55) technologically enhanced ‘Heat Threads’ inside the leggings are activated through movement, gently brushing against the skin to generate heat instantly. They are designed to work best in a temperature range of -10° Celsius thru 10° Celsius, so whatever outside leisure pursuit you’re into, you’ll be fabulously warm.

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