Sweat Solution This Summer With The Zerofit Ice Weave Baselayer

Sweat Solution This Summer With The Zerofit Ice Weave Baselayer

As warmer summer temperatures finally arrive in the UK and Ireland, motorcyclists, golfers and adventurers who are seeking a solution to sweat management can now turn to the Zerofit Ice Weave Baselayer for cool, dry comfort during the hottest months of the year.
Designed and manufactured exclusively in Japan, the unisex Ice Weave Baselayer (£55) is the most technologically-advanced product in our summer collection and has been rigorously tested in the most demanding conditions in the world.

The product - alongside the Cold Skin Baselayer - is the choice of leading British Superbike Riders Glenn Irwin, Lee Jackson, Andrew Irwin and Sam Laffins.

Excessive sweating robs you of strength, energy, and can affect concentration, which is why it's crucial to keep sweat away from your skin and wick it away efficiently – a solution offered by the Ice Weave
As the award-winning Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer uses ‘Heat Threads’ on the inside of the garment to generate warmth, the Ice Weave Baselayer has been designed with ‘Cold Threads’ that work to minimise the effects of warm weather on performance.

Innovated for temperatures of between 20° and 40° Celsius, the Ice Weave features a technologically advanced cloud-shaped cross section that has a large contact area with the body.
This advancement in baselayer technology, combined with the seamless Tateami original warp manufacturing method, helps to remove sweat from the skin and the quick dry nature of the material ensures incredible levels of non-stick comfort.

The material also offers an astonishing stretch capacity of 500% (versus its base state) giving motorcyclists an icy cold feeling all over their body. It also uses Polygiene StayFresh™ silver ion antibacterial treatment which suppresses 99% of odour-causing bacteria and additionally helps to eliminate sweat odour. 
While the Ice Weave Baselayer is a perfect undersuit layer for motorcyclists, the product also features a maximum UPF50+ rating, offering golfers and adventurers protection against the sun’s harmful rays for hours on the course or in the great outdoors.