‘Layer Down’ and Don’t Let Cold Weather Spoil Your Golf This Winter With Zerofit

‘Layer Down’ and Don’t Let Cold Weather Spoil Your Golf This Winter With Zerofit

The quote ‘Golf is a good walk spoiled’ is often attributed to American novelist Mark Twain and whether or not he said it, one thing’s for certain – cold, windy weather can totally throw you off your game. That’s why Zerofit is changing the game this autumn and winter. It’s time to ‘Layer Down.’

Over the years, brands have banged on and on about the idea to ‘layer up’ as the way to combat chilly temperatures – and of course, that can work. But as all golfers know, the more layers you put on, the harder it is to replicate your regular swing.

The Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer (£55) removes the necessity for multiple additional layers, even in the depths of winter. Sure – we can’t help with keeping you dry if it’s hosing down – but if it’s combating the cold, we’ve got the best product out there.

Our Heat Threads on the inside of the baselayer and Heatrub Ultimate Leggings (£55) actively generate warmth as soon as you pull the product on. Five times as much warmth as a standard baselayer, in fact. We’ve also got new Heatrub Ultimate Socks (£25) that feature the same fabric and for this winter we’ve added a knee length version.

And while you would expect us to say that, the Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer has been tested by multiple media outlets around the world. In the UK, Today’s Golfer Magazine awarded it an Editor’s Choice Award in 2022 and 2023, with Golf Monthly also handing out a similar gong in 2022.

‘From our experience, the Heatrub (Ultimate) is the warmest baselayer we’ve ever worn.'
Today’s Golfer
You can and will wear it off the course, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors in the colder months. It’s suitable for golf, fishing, cycling or just winter walks.’
Golf Monthly

 The Ultimate and Leggings have also drawn praise from media outlets in the US, with Golfweek, Golf News Network and Hackers Paradise all in agreement that the products really are the business.

‘Some choose to not wear base layers because they can become tight and restricting. Zerofit’s Ultimate line allows for total mobility throughout your round with added heat for the upper and lower body.
 ‘Zerofit baselayers offer the perfect combination of warmth and comfort.’
Golf News Network

While the Ultimate Collections the complete solution to the coldest days on the course or at the range, the Heatrub Move baselayer (£40) is much-loved by golfers because not only does it offer twice as much warmth as a regular baselayer, it also features moisture-wicking properties that manage sweat as your round progresses.

Plus, for Top-to-Toe Adaptable Warmth, golfers can now buy Heatrub Move Leggings (£45) which are made the same material and work in an identical way to the top.

This winter, ‘Layer Down’ with Zerofit and be more comfortable on the course than ever before!