Introducing Zerofit Cold Skin Baselayer – Three Times Colder Than A Standard Competitor Product

Introducing Zerofit Cold Skin Baselayer – Three Times Colder Than A Standard Competitor Product

Marking a ground-breaking moment in the history of performance apparel, the new Cold Skin Baselayer that has been independently tested and proven to be three times colder than a standard competitor product.


Designed for the height of the warm summer months, the new Zerofit Cold Skin Baselayer offers motorcyclists, hikers, anglers, golfers, runners, cyclists and team sport players instant cool, dry comfort as the Japanese brand aims to shift the mindset around how a baselayer can offer significant performance benefits in temperatures of up to 40° Celsius.

The Science

The product was subject to Q-max testing at the Kaken Test Centre in Japan – this examination offers up an analysis of how cool the surface of the Cold Skin fabric is. The higher the Q-max value, the cooler the fabric.

Currently, if the Q-max value of a product is 0.1 W/cm2 or more, it is recognized as having ‘cool contact performance’. The Cold Skin recorded a value of 0.298W/cm2 – whereas a standard competitor product would typically score below 0.1 W/cm2, a measurement method defined by Japanese Industrial Standards. 

But How?

Integral to this breakthrough development in the baselayer market is ‘Cold-to-Touch’ (CTT) Technology from Zerofit, a fresh innovation for 2023/24. Cold from the moment it touches your skin, the baselayer technology utilises innovative fibres that are engineered to absorb heat and spread it over the body surface.

This quickly delivers an efficient cooling feeling which can help boost concentration in the hottest of conditions. The thin and lightweight fabric disperses sweat rapidly creating a quick dry feeling without stress on the skin or causing a restriction of movement.

Sunshine and Odourless

Protection from the sun’s harmful rays has also been factored into the Cold Skin, with the garment having a maximum UPF50+ rating, and it is available in both black and white. It also uses Polygiene StayFresh™ silver ion antibacterial treatment which suppresses 99% of odour-causing bacteria and additionally helps to eliminate sweat odour.

‘The launch of the new Cold Skin marks the start of a hugely exciting evolution of our summer baselayer collection, and we are confident that all of those Zerofit fans who have experienced the Heatrub Ultimate and Move baselayers over the winter months will find our Japanese Innovation Team is at the top of their game when it comes to making layers for the hottest conditions too,’ said Michael Morton, Zerofit Managing Director.

‘Baselayers are our business and our commitment to this very specific section of the apparel market is reflected in the quality and performance of our products, and the Cold Skin baselayer is another example of best-in-class engineering and problem solving,’ he added. 

INFORMATION: The new Zerofit Cold Skin Baselayer is now available only at priced at £45. For further details the Zerofit Motorcycling Collection, please click here.