Deep Dive! Zerofit Rocking The Scuba World!

Deep Dive! Zerofit Rocking The Scuba World!

Zerofit products have been approved for motorcyclists, hikers, runners, golfers, gardeners, sailors, skiers and cyclists, and now the Heatrub Ultimate Collection has been officially given the thumbs up for sub aqua following a stellar review in SCUBA Magazine, the official publication of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC).

Circulated monthly to more than 25,000 members who regularly dive off the coast of the UK and also overseas, the magazine is a bible of news and advice for divers of all experience levels.

‘Zerofit's Heatrub Ultimate combo of top, leggings and socks are competitively-priced, comfortable in the extreme and most importantly, offer excellent thermal protection when worn as a baselayer with a conventional undersuit or as a standalone when conditions dictate,’ writes Neil Hope, who gave the Ultimate Baselayer, Leggings and Socks a thorough testing. 

‘The material has a clingy yet wool-like feel; the top half is high on the neck and long in the body. This counteracts the cold of a silicone neck seal and prevents any riding-up around the lower back area. While the top is unisex fit, the leggings offer open or closed fly options. Used in conjunction with the equally-elasticated Ultimate socks keeps everything cosily in place.

‘Come the summer months I'd be very happy to use it as-is under a neoprene suit, or in conjunction with a membrane drysuit for diving in the Red Sea,’ he added.

The magical warmth is generated by ‘Heat Threads’ on the inside of the Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer - are activated through movement, gently brushing against the skin to generate warmth instantly. Unlike most other baselayers, the Ultimate does not work on the basis of ‘compression for heat’ – so not only does it provide greater warmth for divers, they also don’t feel restricted by an inability to move freely.

In fact, during independent testing at the Boken Quality Evaluation Institute, Japan’s leading organisation for clothing and textile fabric analysis, the Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer (£59.95) recorded a Heat Retention Rating of 0.78, while a standard baselayer would have a rating of 0.1-0.14, making it a game-changing product in even the coldest of conditions.

The Ultimate has been designed to work best in a temperature range of -10° thru 10° Celsius and the Heatrub Ultimate Leggings (£59.95) and Heatrub Ultimate Socks (£25) are made from the same material and work in the same way.