Just when you think you’ve seen the last of wintry temperatures, the weather Gods have thrown us a curveball with freezing conditions being experienced across the UK and Ireland.

Thankfully, Zerofit baselayers are designed to cover a massive temperature range of 50°, with the Heatrub Ultimate (£55) at the coldest end of the scale (minus 10°) thru to the Cold Skin and Ice Weave (£55 each) which are engineered to keep you cool even when the mercury reaches 40°.

We are also seeing record sales numbers of the Heatrub Move Baselayer (£40) and Leggings (£45) with Zerofit customers taking advantage of the Adaptable Warmth Technology offered in both products.

While the Heatrub Ultimate is in high demand, delivering five times more warmth versus a regular baselayer, the Move products still offer twice as much thermal insulation against a standard product, but the construction allows for temperature regulation as your activity levels increase. The perfect option for these temperature-fluctuating days.

With the Ultimate and Move still flying off the shelves of our Belfast HQ, we are also noticing a trend for our summer baselayers, especially the Cold Skin and Ice Weave.

The Cold Skin (£55) has been independently tested and proven to be three times colder than a competitor product - in fact, it has just been recognised by leading outdoor Trail Magazine in their annual Summer Gear Guide.

‘The Cold Skin Baselayer from Zerofit (a brand more usually associated with super-warm baselayers) works miracles.

‘As well as dispersing heat, the fabric also shifts sweat efficiently, and has the welcome added bonus of offering UPF50+ sun protection - just the thing for exposed mountain hikes in summer.’
-Trail -

Motorcyclists in particular are discovering the epic levels of sweat management offered by the Ice Weave Baselayer (£55) which offers game-changing levels of cool comfort during the hottest months of the year.

The most technologically advanced product in our summer baselayer collection, the unisex Ice Weave has been designed and manufactured exclusively in our Japanese homeland and has therefore been extensively tested in some of the most demanding conditions anywhere in the world.

Excessive sweating robs you of strength, energy, and can affect concentration, which is why it's so important to keep sweat away from your skin and wick it away efficiently – a solution offered by the Ice Weave Baselayer.
As the award-winning Heatrub Ultimate uses ‘Heat Threads’ on the inside of the garment to generate warmth, the Ice Weave has been designed with ‘Cold Threads’ technology that works to minimise the effects of warm weather on performance.

Whatever the season, we’ve got perfect baselayers for you!