Heatrub Performance Move Hoodie



Heatrub Performance Move Hoodie

The Heatrub Performance Move Hoodie is one of the most versatile products in the entire Zerofit family. Perfect for athletes getting to and from training or the gym, and absolutely ideal for watching sport in chilly stadia during the cold months, as well as gardening, golf, shooting, skiing, sailing, equine sports or racing around the park with your kids on the weekend.

The Performance Move Hoodie features the same polypropylene construction and hollow polyester shell as the Move Baselayer, working together to regulate body temperature. Polypropylene fibres retain more heat for a longer period of time, and the innovative insulating properties combined with its hydrophobic nature keeps the wearer dry and warm.


– The two-layer construction provides athletes with a superior feeling of warmth.

– An incredibly versatile product, the Heatrub Performance Move Hoodie is perfect as an outer layer for many activities, including watching sport, walking and gardening.

– Polypropylene fibres retain more heat for a longer period of time to keep the wearer dry and warm.

The Performance Move Hoodie

Sizing Guide

To fit Chest Inches
Small 32-36"
Medium 36-40"
Large 40-44"
XL 44-48"


Sizing Note

The size chart shows optimum chest sizes, however due to the unique stretch properties of Zerofit materials, athletes will be able to fit into a higher selection of the sizes than usual.

Garment Construction

Polyester 50%, Polypropylene 45%, Polyurethane 5%

Optimal Temperature Range

-5° Celsius thru 12° Celsius

Sports and Activities 

Golf, equine sports, sailing, fishing skiing, motorcycling, hiking, running, football, rugby, gardening and spectator sports.