Heatrub Hybrid V-Neck Baselayer

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To fit Chest Size (in inches)
XS 28-32″
S 32-36″
M 36-40″
L 40-44″
XL 44-48″



XS 29-33″
S 33-37″
M 37-41″
L 41-45″
XL 45-49””
XXL 49-53″

When purchasing the Heatrub Ultimate or the Heatrub Move baselayer please note that due to the fabrics used and the manufacturing process for each garment, the Ultimate comes up slightly smaller than the Move.


Both products are designed for a snug but not overly tight fit, and the stretch properties of the fabrics in the Ultimate and Move allow the user to move freely, whatever their sport or activity.

NB: For other products sizing is shown below.

Heatrub Hybrid V-Neck Baselayer

A true all-rounder, the Heatrub Hybrid V-Neck Baselayer is highly versatile and offers a stunning combination of warmth and ease of movement for those looking for a first layer that can be used for the vast majority of the year.

The ‘Double loop’ barrel raised hair fibres (pictured below) – located on the back and abdomen areas – rub together to create frictional warmth, while the sleeves are made using special angola material that delivers excellent elasticity. The lightweight nature of the garment makes it appeal to a number of different sports and activities.



– Lightweight baselayer, built for year-long usage across a number of different sports and activities.

– Specially-designed fibres run together as the user starts to engage in movement, creating a cosy feeling of warmth.

– For sports such as sailing that requires a good deal of arm engagement, the Heatrub Hybrid features special fabric construction on the sleeves to offer fantastic elasticity.

– Incredible freedom of movement due to the stretchable nature of the fabric.

The Heatrub Hybrid V-Neck Baselayer

Sizing Guide

To fit Chest Inches
S 28-32
M 32-36
L 36-40
XL 40-44


Sizing note

The above sizing shows optimum chest sizes however due to the unique stretchabilty of ZF you will be able to fit into a higher selection of the above sizes than would be traditional.

The size chart shows optimum chest sizes, however due to the unique stretch properties of Zerofit materials, athletes will be able to fit into a higher selection of the sizes than usual.

Garment Construction

Body – Acrylic 63%, nylon 18%, cupra 12%, wool 5%, polyurethane 2%

Sleeve – Acrylic 67%, rayon 15%, polyester 10%, angola 5%, polyurethane 3%

Optimal Temperature Range

-0° Celsius thru 18° Celsius

Sports and Activities 

Golf, equine sports, sailing, fishing, skiing