Smart Warriors Energy Boxer Tights



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To fit Chest Size (in inches)
XS 28-32″
S 32-36″
M 36-40″
L 40-44″
XL 44-48″



XS 29-33″
S 33-37″
M 37-41″
L 41-45″
XL 45-49””
XXL 49-53″

When purchasing the Heatrub Ultimate or the Heatrub Move baselayer please note that due to the fabrics used and the manufacturing process for each garment, the Ultimate comes up slightly smaller than the Move.


Both products are designed for a snug but not overly tight fit, and the stretch properties of the fabrics in the Ultimate and Move allow the user to move freely, whatever their sport or activity.

NB: For other products sizing is shown below.

Smart Warriors Energy Boxer Tights

A true product for sport and activities all year long, the Smart Warriors Energy Boxer Tights have been engineered with a unique knit structure that cleverly regulates your body temperature in all seasons. In summer, sweat is quickly dissipated and the garment is breathable – excess heat is taken away and the garment assists cooling and lowering body temperature. In the winter, the Smart Warriors product suppresses cold sweat due to a special layer of adiabatic air that is created. This minimises the energy required to maintain body temperature, allowing this energy to be focused on better performance.

Made from Bio Crystal Fiber, (BCF) the Smart Warriors re-emits infrared rays from the sun across the surface of the skin which interacts with the blood flow to improve temperature regulation and enhances muscular strength and power for many explosive sports including boxing and kickboxing. BCF also promotes efficient sweat absorption and utilization of oxygen to help aid cardiorespiratory functions.

Product Benefits

– Innovative boxer tights with proven performance for sports and training both inside and outside.

– The highly technical BCF garment material works all year long, regulating body temperature in the warmer summer months, but also also works in the winter by creating a special layer of adiabatic air to suppress cold sweat.

– BCF also promotes efficient sweat absorption and utilization of oxygen to help aid cardiorespiratory functions.

Sizing Guide

To fit Chest Inches
S 30 - 36
M 34 - 40


Sizing note

The above sizing shows optimum waist sizes, however due to the unique stretch properties of Zerofit products, athletes will be able to fit into a higher selection of the above sizes than usual.

Optimal Temperature Range

0° Celsius thru 20° Celsius

Sports and Activities 

Golf, baseball, American Football, boxing, running and football.